New dress for Alice
release date: 23.04.2016
Until now Alice didn't have clothes for outside. Also I decide to change her hairstyle.

release date: 23.04.2016
This image will not go in the game. I made this image for the game but I dropped this story line. And it will be waste not to show so enjoy.

Note: I don't plan to reveal H - images from the game at the moment / at least not for this version/. Don't want to spoil the fun. But I will post avatars for new womens or changes for current womens.

Introducing new character
release date: 23.03.2016
For the people who have played the game they should know that your neighbor(Allice) have a sister.
Her name will be Sabrina.
For the people who have read the text will know that her personality will be playful
In version 0.2(next) I only plan to introduce her with few pictures (erotic).
Look forward for her story!

Goal for next release.
release date: 19.03.2016
  1. Trade district: various shops that can help your character (high priority)
  2. Introduction to world map(low priority)
  1. Alice Quest :
    1. One or two h-scenes and quests for them(high priority)
    2. Acquaintance with her sister(low priority)
  2. Nicole Quest :
    1. Completing act one(high priority)
    2. Repeating scenes(low priority)
  3. Main Quest:
    1. new business and quest for it(high priority)
    2. raising tensions and adding mystery elements in the story(high priority)
  4. Nessa Quest:
    1. continue the story(medium priority)
    2. H-scene(low priority)
  5. Sheri Quest: continue the story(low priority It depends how much work I'll finish for the main quest)

Bug fixes.
release date: 11.03.2016
From one to two weeks after the release of new version I will release new one with no bugs, if there is any at all.