Gondovir Town Patch 0.5
release date: N/A
  1. Quest line with Madison(school director)
    1. All five images ready fully for rendering(h- scene).
    2. One more building is open now as part of the quest(done).
    3. Part of the text is done(can't say how much but less than 30%).
  2. One more skirmish map (it will be harder but more interesting)/Now they are two!/(100% done)
    1. Done some testing and there is need for difficult levels(this is part of the main quest and i don't wan't to be a stop in the story)
    2. all ready(fix a bug. NPC start to attack you even if you are behind wall /when you are in his upper right corner/))
  3. Sheri scene (0 %)
    1. four images are ready for rendering
  4. Secretary quest (0%)
  5. Side quest with image as reward
    1. the image is done

    Done from 30.10.2017 - 06.11.2017
  1. Sheri 4 more images ready for rendering (8 total)
  2. Madison quest almost done

    Done from 7.10.2017 - 13.11.2017
  1. Sheri scene done
  2. Madison quest done

I will update this every Monday. (for the Next version I will move it to the forum )
Gondovir Town Patch 0.4
release date: 08.10.2017
  1. You can hire secretary.(for now only story images and few erotic one).
  2. Main Q : added new skirmish map and finally ended this part of the Q
  3. h-images with Sheri 

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Gondovir Town Patch 0.3
release date: 07.08.2017
  1. Nicole - 1 H-scene
  2. Nessa Q is Extended (erotic)
  3. Main Q is extended
  4. Side quest in trade district - unlocked after you see Alice's sister

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Gondovir Town Patch 0.2
release date: 21.05.2017
  1. Nicole
    1. Added one more step for her quest.
    2. Possible encounter with her in another quest (have images).
  2. Alice - new quests for her chain quest.
  3. Sabrina - New character.  Part of Alice's quest.
  4. New Business - there is condition to start the quest. 
  5. Main story - continuation of the quest
  6. New zone "Trade District" - only sex shop is open for now

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Gondovir Town Patch 0.1
release date: 15.03.2017
I will treat this patch as launch of the game!
  1. Five female characters that have quests and h-scene.
  2. Main quest
  3. Quest log
  4. Relationship log
  5. Control center for the business
  6. Battle skills - can be learned from trainer
  7. Stats screen
  8. Alert system for new quest, failed bonuses, new points and more
  9. Daily quests.

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