2017-06-26 04:01:18
1. Go to school on second floor and get your salary from the office /near WC/
2. Go to room two on first floor and start your lesson/after that you can teach once a day for 60 gold/
3. Go talk with Tom in WC on second floor
this choice will have impact on the game later (version 0.4 or 0.5)
a)Be nice
b)Threatened him
4.Go to room 4 /school/ and talk with Nessa /before that you will get +2 reputation with her if you are nice with Tom/
5. Go to the shop /Center/ and search for alcohol.
a) If you have manipulation 1 or more you will know where to go next
b) give 10 gold for information
c) don't give gold / best choice if you read this...../
6. You will find thugs in the slum with your alcohol.
a) if you have intimidate 3 or more they will give you the alcohol without fight.
b) else you need to win fight.
7. Go to Tom in school /not in the weekend/ and give him 100 gold
8. Before you go to Nessa at night consume food that give state full /sandwiches , meal at Little Bear/.
9. Go to Nessa at night.