2017-06-08 22:29:58
When you want to kick the green ants, heading area A, right after entering in ths slum, the caracter say: the sky is clear tonight, and goes down on the road, no movings after that...
2017-06-09 04:39:43
Sorry I think I fix that but obviously not.
if you return The beast's Q at the night you will not have that problem.
After work I will fix this and post a link with the fix. Your last save will work.
(10 hour after this post)
2017-06-09 15:53:09
fix - https://mega.nz/#!SZ4yGICJ!gMZyDjbLLxpRqeKVG6feO_BqU1R3ps54bQZLhUdQnjs

Also now you can see what day is.
2017-06-09 18:11:57
thx! works fine! :D