2017-06-11 07:35:09
Note : I didn't write sub points bonuses

1. There is a shop in White District. When you enter talk with the shopkeeper.
This will open shop window. No need to buy anything. After you close it there will be a short scene and some thugs will come to rob the shop.

a) If you have 1 Intimidate or more one of them will run away. (the bonus here is that you will have more HP and you will be able to do side Q that need fighting with no need to sleep).
After That there will be seen again until the old man will ask you a question.

a) If you have 4 or more manipulation you will get a scene with Sheri and 300 gold.
else you need to chose Sheri or it will be game over.
after the choice you have an H - scene.

2. Go to the bar in the Slum.
a) When you speak with the man if you have 3 Intimidate you will receive +1 mafia reputation.
3. You need to go in White District at night. there is a building with name A1. Go to the 4 floors and click on the door right of the elevator. After that you need to wait for Igor near a car in the parking lot outside /White District/.
a) If you go in the Fshop and talk with Igor you will anger Dimitry and relationship with him will go down by 1/ don't do that / b) go to his apartment this time you will unlock the door.

Once you are in if you have 6 intellect or more click on the PC. This will start the quest (its not complete at the time of creating this walk-through) after that got to the spot in the bathroom.
if you have + 2 manipulation you can chose a) threatened him
a.1) If you have +3 Manipulation and +1 intimidate you will receive 500 gold + intimidate*50 bonus gold
a.2) If you have +3 manipulation and + intimidate you will be able to start the Q from PC + 500 gold.
a.3) IF you have less than 3 you receive 500 gold.

Note: here is a little mess that I will fix in 0.3 it will have different bonus is but not that need new game (gold).
b) Give him a beating - 500 gold.
If you have less than 2 manipulations
a) Give him a beating + 500 gold
b) Believe him (don't do that). That will lead to no reward from this quest.

Go back to "The Beast" in the slum.
a) if you did take the money you will receive + 2 mafia reputation
b) else - 1 mafia reputation.
4. go to Slum A1 floor 2 and meet Huber. He will give you 2000 gold (fake).
You need to open your inventory and use the item Huber money. Click on the door again. You have two choices
a) First Hit then ask
a.1) + 3 intimidate you will know this is a test
b) Ask
a.1) + 3 manipulation you will know this is a test
Return to "The Beast"
a) you didn't check the money - you will receive only + 2 sub stats points
b) you did check the money but you don't know it's a test you keep 2k gold.
c) you know it's a test you keep 2k gold + 200*mafia reputation.

Now you need to buy building in North Center.
There is a note right from the door left the building. When you click on it and have 2 k gold you will start the Q to buy the building.

(Short version /I will write all after a few days/)

After you get the building return to "The Beast" you will receive VIP client and you can use the building as your office. But first you need to go in the building open your inventory and use "WeaselFurniture" to buy a desk now you have business and office.
2017-06-19 04:14:27
Long Version

If you have 6 or more intellect you will be able to search for listening device.
The listening dive is in the bed. Now you can trigger bonus event that will be in future release.
Once the scene is finish go back to "The Beast". Once you talk with him make sure you have 200 gold or more.
Go to your office (inside) open your inventory-> key item -> weasel Furniture and buy a desk.

When you have a desk you have access to your businesses.

Now you can proceed with Madison part.
2017-06-19 16:20:02
Madison Part(this is just to start Madison quest).

1. Visit her house during the day in Rich District.
2. Talk with "The Beast" in the bar.
3. Talk with Dimitry he will send you to Area A to kill 20 thugs. It's nearly impossible to kill them with no skill. Visit the dojo and learn skill you will need min of 5 fitness, 60 MP and 100 gold.
4. When you kill 20 of them go back to Dimitry after that to "The Beast" if you have more than 2 reputation with the mafia you will get 2000 gold else 1000 gold.
5. Now you can proceed with Madison quest(go to her again after two days).

And that's for version 0.1 (I think).